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  • L. Medini Ciavardone
    Having pushed off surgery for years for an old ballet injury, and seeing several specialists, I finally decided on Dr. Trofa as the surgeon I would go with.

    Dr. Trofa was not only incredibly thorough and well-prepared for my case, but I was pleasantly surprised by his sincere bedside ...
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  • Kellie Park
    Dr. Trofa and his teams energy makes patients feel optimistic about their injury journey! I had problematic knee injury for 4 yrs already after so many doctors and going thru so many surgeries.. I met Dr. Trofa this year and he gives options with non-surgical ways and also surgical options. Dr. Trof...
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  • Tammy Roman
    When you are injured and of an older age it can be scary. I became immediately relieved and at ease once I was seen by Dr. Trofa and the staff. My issue was assessed promptly with professionalism and kindness. The care I received was thorough and much appreciated. Thank you all
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  • Tanya Clarke
    Highly recommend Dr.Trofa!!! He was WONDERFUL & FRIENDLY, great personality!!! I am DEFINITELY satisfied with Columbia Orthopedics..The warm welcome once you enter the facility was carried out until the end of my visit.
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  • Annette Jones
    Dr. Trofa was kind, informative and funny. He calmed my fears, guided me through the process of eliminating where my pain is coming from. I'm confident under his care along with Dr. Tatka I will be pain free soon.
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  • Ron Hans
    Dr. Trofa is passionate about what he does, and is beyond experienced in his area of practice. It was a pleasure to meet and work with him.
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  • Hussein Beydoun
    Dr.Trofa was amazing! Gives great advice and really cares for his patients. Thank you!
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  • Pauline Baba
    I had surgery because I tore my ACL/meniscus and Dr. Trofa did a phenomenal job, so much so that 2 weeks after, I felt like I didn’t even have surgery!!! I was expecting the worse because all my friends who had the exact same surgery told me it was painful, recovery was brutal etc. I am convinced....
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  • molly missett
    Dr Trofa is the best! I was able to see him days after rupturing my ACL and tearing my MCL and meniscus. He went over all the options and reassured me everything would be fixed. I am now one year post op and back to my pre injury fitness! He was supportive during my entire rehab process and always.....
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  • Dionne Gordon
    Dr. Trofa has been my Orthopedist since Winter 2021. He is one of the few caring, pleasant and professional orthopedic doctors that takes the time to listen to his patients and develops a plan to achieve max rehabilitation. Many other doctors assume the patient is falsifying complaints.
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